1.BRICS countries state situation and future perspectives

2.Communicative and personality-oriented approaches in the development of listening skills in elementary school students

3.Communicative and student-centered approaches in the intellectual development of primary school students

4.Developing CLIL materials for teaching Chemistry to high school students

5.Development and adoption of effective management decisions at the enterprise

6.Discussions and debates in teaching communicative skills

7.Efficiency analysis and ways of increasing production potential 

8.Financial analysis and development of an effective organization  management strategy

9.Financial analysis of the enterprise and ways to improve it

10.Fitness tours as a form of sport and health tourism

11.Genre-stylistic features of the translation of materials from the site of the international company

12.Historical traditions as a means of forming patriotic feelings and student behavior

13.How to Find and Select New Employees for Managerial Positions

14.Improvement of airline customer service technology

15.Improving the quality of MS-2 in JSC «Kostanay minerals» by upgrading the brake stand

16.Management in the media industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan

17.Migration in Central Asia New trends, threats and Perspectives

18.Oil and gas sector of Kazakhstan problems and prospects

19.Peculiarities of idioms in English language

20.Risk management 

21.Securities Market and it's Features in the Republic of Kazakhstan

22.The evolution and functioning of the categories of the noun in the English language

23.The formation of the Internet culture of high school students

24.The influence of the economic crisis on the credit system of the Alliance bank in Kazakhstan

25.The taxation of small and medium business

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